April 16, 2021

Friday 5×5

Friday 5×5 is our segment where we give you five new tracks to check out and give ourselves the challenge of describing said tracks in only five words.

Today we economically tell you about new music from Gallant, I Know I Know, James Diomede, Paul Cook & The Chronicles and HYMNS.

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April 16, 2021

The B-Side: Linebug

From Denmark, Linebug brings us a song with beautiful vocals floating above a bubbling synth backdrop that acts as a masterclass in the concept that less is more. Very simple and stripped down with a few layers coming in and out, the music is engaging, lovely and a perfect backdrop for the mantra-esque vocals. Our ambivalence toward music videos is well documented on the blog, but this one is worth a watch (as opposed to playing in the background while listening to the song). If only every troubled relationship could have an alien vomit confetti on it and fix it…..sigh.

April 15, 2021

Play Listy For Me – Punk, Post-Punk, Grunge & Garage Vol. 3

Play Listy For Me is our column where we share with you all the music we recently talked about in a genre blocked playlist, plus extra bonus songs.

Oh look, the world is still a place of hypocrisy and assorted horrors. Good thing we have new punk rock and things that *feel* like punk rock to help get the rage out. Turn it up and let it loose for your mental health.

April 15, 2021

Fasman’s Finds – Tierra Whack

Fasman’s Finds is our column from Rebecca Fasman (intrepid record nerd, DJ, and curator at the Kinsey Institute) in which she shares what she’s listening to and why. 

Tierra Whack is a rapper from Philadelphia whose 2018 album Whack World is a masterpiece and if it’s not in your regular rotation, it should be. Her new single “Link” came out recently and the song and associated video are all about connection, something we (maybe I am projecting) all need more than ever right now. The video was made with LEGO, and Tierra Whack worked with public school students in Philly to help make the video. The lightness of the song, the ease, fun, and sweetness of the video makes me both wistful for past times and hopeful for future ones, which is a feeling I haven’t felt in a while. 

April 15, 2021

The B-Side: Tearaways

John Ferriter was born on this day in 1960, and although he would find more success on the backside of the entertainment industry as a manager and agent, he started off a rock and roller from San Diego. First in the Stingrays and then later as part of the influential power pop band the Tearaways, whose combination of British invasion rock with California pop laid the blueprint for the Paisley Underground movement in Los Angeles in the 80’s. Ferriter passed away in 2019, but today we raise a glass and say thanks for the tunes.

April 14, 2021

The Midweekly – Coriky

The Midweekly is our column from Mike Jeffers; lead singer of Chicago punk stalwarts SCRAMmusic junkie and all around righteous dude.

Any fan of a specific scene in the 90s era is going to be familiar with this certain sound. A stripped down, dynamic, passionate sound. Decades after that Do-It-Yourself attitude was harnessed, and turned into some of the best post-punk rock of it’s time, the energy continues on the debut self-titled record from Coriky. The trio consists of pioneers, Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), Joe Lally (Fugazi, The Messthetics), and Amy Farina (The Evens). All of these members have been playing with each other in some form or another. MacKaye and Farina are not only writing partners, they’re also married, and many of us know the contributions to music MacKaye and Lally have made together. But this is the first time for this particular lineup. Well known friend and producer of most of Dischord Records, Don Zientara, is the silent fourth member in this endeavor. The minimalist production let’s each instrument shine through their own parts. Cynical yet hopeful takes on a dysfunctional society, and the bloated war machine. Farina and MacKaye share lead vocal duties, delivering great hooks only seasoned punks can. It’s the riffs you know, the words you know. If you’ve been a fan up till this point, you’re still going to be a fan. 

April 14, 2021

The B-Side: New Candys

Opening with a slinky atmospheric bass line reminiscent of some of Bassdbler’s work, “Begin Again” by New Candys quickly layers in and transforms into a moody downtempo shoegaze number not unlike the Stone Roses and in some ways The Cure. Once it locks into its central groove / sound it doesn’t really deviate, which for some songs would be a detriment, but here it works to keep the listener wrapped in a dreamy meditative head nodding, oversized sweater swaying mood.

April 13, 2021

Play Listy For Me – Indie Rock Vol. 4

You know what rocks? Allergy medicine. Sweet, sweet spring time allergy medicine allowing us to avoid suffocation by pollen. You know what else rocks? This collection of indie rock songs we talked about on the blog recently, plus a few bonus songs for all of you out there living that antihistamine life.

April 13, 2021

Tuesday Tip-Off: Death Hags

With “We Are Radio Signals” Death Hags reminds us that shoegaze doesn’t have to be a dark and dreamy expression of detachment via too many pedals, it can be poppy and dare we say, fun. DH wraps a Juliana Hatfield style indie rock bopper in just the right amount of fuzz, reverb and haze while still letting the hooks and melodies (of which there are plenty of both in this song) shine through.

April 13, 2021

The B-Side: Alas de Liona

A California desert singer-songwriter now making music in Scotland, Alas de Liona brings us a simple but gorgeous tune in “Cascade.” Starting with just a few muted keyboard chords and Liona’s layered vocals the song creates an intimate, warm feeling that lets you know out of the gate the star of the show will be this voice – vulnerable but strong, haunting but natural and undramatic.

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