Panic Strikes a Chord @ The Bishop


Last night (May 25, 2010) Panic Strikes a Chord opened up for Besnard Lakes and Burnt Ones at The Bishop, and once again demonstrated why this long running Bloomington, IN band deserves a fresh look.  The musical vision of Jeremy Brightbill, the group has shifted from it’s lo-fi Bedhead-esque experimental singer-songwriter origins to a swaggering mash-up of the best of 90’s alt-rock.  From that period’s awkward gangly jangle of Merge’s catalog to the superglue the amps to 11 bombast of Sub Pop, Panic makes the connection seamlessly and naturally, sounding familiar and fresh at the same time.  When the indie rock world (and for that matter the pop world) wring out the last drop of 80s nostalgia and are ready to move onward to appreciating the 90s unironically, they’ll find their new favorite band in Panic Strikes a Chord.

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