DeGeneres & Letterman: Music Moguls?

Ellen's only option after Porche said no to adopting.

Ellen DeGeneres has recently announced that she’s starting a record label.  Her first signing is this kid, Greyson Chance – 12 year old internet sensation.  Greyson took YouTube by storm with his piano driven rendition of Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi.”

Video and more about this below.

For those of you who aren’t big time music insiders like we are, there’s this product called Justin Bieber that is doing quite well for it’s share holders.  Obviously from her several months of American Idol judging, Ellen is officially “in the biz” and has found out about the Justin Bieber cash explosion, and like any good capitalist is ready to enter a little competition into the market.  We love Ellen and we love America and this kid can at least play an instrument, so yeah, whatever, knock yourself out.

Also jumping into the star making business is David Letterman.

Courtney Love gives Dave a crash course on the ugly, desperate world that is the music industry.

Dave announced in late April the first signing to his newly founded record label.  Surprisingly, Dave is partying like it’s 1999 and has signed a “pop-punk” band from Huntington Beach named Runner Runner.  Although after watching the video below, we think the “-punk” portion is obviously a typo.

We can only assume that one of the members of Runner Runner is the kid brother (or kid) of one of the staffers that Letterman had inappropriate relations with, and that this whole thing is some kind of attempt at making amends.  Either that or Letterman’s toddler child is running A&R for the new label.

What do you think?  Discuss in the comments section.

One Comment to “DeGeneres & Letterman: Music Moguls?”

  1. my initial reaction was simply, “I have not the words,” but after a few minutes, I decided I do.

    The act that Ellen’s signing makes perfect sense. I have no judgement or opinion other than [little boys with auto-tune = little girls’ money]. Its been like that since the beginning of time, so there’s no reason to bitch about it.

    Runner Runner? The only reason I felt compelled to say anything was because I’ve now performed in Huntington Beach several times now, and all I ever run into down there are neo-nazis that wanna fight everyone(including the band they came to see). The scene(that I’ve been exposed to) there is actually pretty rough(and stupid). Hell, the boneheads even showed up to an actual “pop punk” show down there, and lemme tell you, the bands that night sounded like fucking Amon Amarth in comparison to Runner Runner…

    Letterman’s label is shooting for the same demographic as Ellen, only they don’t understand that little girls are attracted to prepubescent boys, not grown-ups that sound like them.

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