M.I.A. vs. The New York Times – Round 2 – UPDATED

Phase 1 - RetaliTWEETian complete. Now onto Phase 2 - Blog about it.

M.I.A. has posted raw audio of the interview with New York Times journalist Lynn Hirshberg that concerns two of the most retweeted portions of the flame war originating interview – M.I.A.’s appearance at the Grammy’s and of course…the infamous truffle flavored French fries.  Not only that, but there’s also a new song posted that seems to be about the incident, at least partially.

More about the ongoing saga of she said/she said below.

M.I.A.’s recordings of the conversation make it look like Hirshberg put a definite spin on the article (she, not M.I.A. orders the infamous fries), but then again there is no audio from M.I.A. on the many other controversial portions, such as all of the sudden claiming that her father is a long time employee of the Sri Lankan government after she had built her early career on the story of his being a freedom fighter.  So either Hirshberg completely made up those segments, or she reported them a little too accurately for M.I.A.’s taste.  Either way this seems to mean that M.I.A. secretly records her own interviews, which at best is a little narcissistic and at worst the sign of a conspiracy spouting paranoid.  Of course M.I.A. has demonstrated both traits in several interviews over the years, so maybe it’s just M.I.A. being M.I.A.

The song is titled “I’m A Singer”, and sadly not “The Truffle Shuffle” as we would have liked.  You can check it and M.I.A.’s unedited sound clips of the two interview segments here.

Also, there is a ridiculous number of people doing the Truffle Shuffle on YouTube, but the one below is our favorite.  Probably due to the slow motion hotness.  And people say child-hood obesity is all bad.

UPDATE – 06/03/10

We’re growing bored with this story, but thought that this warranted noting.  The New York Times issued a correction about the story today.  See it below.

Editors’ Note: June 3, 2010

The cover article in The Times Magazine on Sunday profiled the singer and political activist M.I.A. While discussing her efforts to draw attention to the civil war in her home country, Sri Lanka, she was quoted as saying: “I wasn’t trying to be like Bono. He’s not from Africa — I’m from there. I’m tired of pop stars who say, ‘Give peace a chance.’ I’d rather say, ‘Give war a chance.’ The whole point of going to the Grammys was to say, ‘Hey, 50,000 people are gonna die next month, and here’s your opportunity to help.’ And no one did.”

While M.I.A. did make those remarks, she did not make the entire statement at the same point in the interview, or in the order in which it was presented.

The part that begins, “The whole point of going to the Grammys,” up to the end of the quotation, actually came first. The part that begins, “I wasn’t trying to be like Bono,” and ends, “Give war a chance,” came later in the same interview. The article should have made clear that the two quotations came from different parts of the interview.

M.I.A. still sounds crazy to us, even with this clarification.  But there you go.

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