New Funding Model For The Old Post-Punk – Crooked Fingers Use Kickstarter To Make New Album Happen

That headline is the worst play on a song title in history. Agreed.

Crooked Fingers are releasing Volume II of their covers series, Reservoir Songs thanks to the strong support of fans.  Eric Bachman and crew set up a Kickstarter page to take donations/pre-orders of a variety of levels.  While definitely not the first group to use this new approach of raising funds to record, they are definitely one of the most well established we’ve heard of doing it.

More info below.

Check out the Kickstarter page here to pledge your support, get full track listing and to see a video of Bachman doing his best Star Wars Kid impersonation in an interesting trailer for the new release.

We love Crooked Fingers and we love deconstructionist covers and we love Star Wars Kid, so we are excited about all of this.  Below is the video for the Crooked Fingers song we butchered in pun in the headline of this entry.

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