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June 3, 2010

Throwing Stars @ The Bluebird

Greater than our bitterness.

“Battle of the Bands” is a concept we do not care for.  We don’t like the idea that a wide array of wildly different styles of music can be judged against one another in any kind of logical manner.  Elliott Smith vs. Iron Maiden vs. Tom Waits vs. Public Enemy vs. Muddy Waters vs. The Clash.  Which one is the best?  Which one is better than all of the others?  Please be descriptive in your answer, and of course, show your work.

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June 3, 2010

Video Postcard from Bowery Boy Blue

Zeb Gould from Bowery Boy Blue sent us this lovely video postcard of him performing “Locomotive Blue Streak” solo acoustic lakeside in Northern Ontario.  This song originally appeared on Zeb’s solo record All of the Morningbirds but will appear in a new full band arrangement on Bowery Boy Blue’s upcoming release River Sees it’s Dying Hour, coming out later this year.

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