Whiskey, Roadside Assistance and French Tex-Mex – Murder by Death European Tour Blog Pt. 3

As far as you know, the rolling wheat fields of Scotland.

~~Murder by Death are an American rock and roll band.  They are on a European headlining tour in support of their latest album “Good Morning, Magpie” – available on Vagrant Records or from their website.  They are graciously documenting their adventures for Postcard Elba.~~

From Dagan – Sunday July 6, 2010.   In a van driving to Glasgow.

Hey everybody who reads this, we’re en route from Birmingham England to Glasgow Scotland at the moment. This is a nice drive, the grassy hills in Scotland are quite a sight.

I believe Adam left off right before Amsterdam last week. We drove there after Prague and had the night off, so we went to a bar that had 1250 different kinds of whiskey. After that, we split up. Matt and I went to a metal bar that spun Megadeth’s immortal classic album “Rust in Peace” (my favorite metal album of all time) at our request. The rest of the dudes went to the Red Light district. Unfortunately, after about 1am you can still pay for sex, but you can’t get a beer over there. The next night we played with Mariachi El Bronx and Gogol Bordello. What a show, man. Those Mariachi Bronx guys blew me away, as did Gogol. I’ve never seen a band command an audience the way Eugene and the rest of Gogol Bordello do. Downstairs in our dressing room you could see the ceiling flexing under the weight of the crowd’s jumping. Incredible.

One thing that we DIDN’T do was play a show in Paris the next day. Our van broke down about 17 miles from the club and we had to cancel the show. It was a drag, and our first cancellation because of a breakdown ever. Not bad for 1200 shows in, but still a bummer. On the other hand, once we made it into Paris 3 hours later, we had an amazing late dinner and some beers downtown at a tiny bar with outdoor seating.

Next day we had a leisurely lunch and drove to Calais to hop a ferry to the United Kingdom. We had the day off and the ferry was the next morning, so we grabbed dinner in Calais. Adam, Sarah, and Georg (who is our German driver/friend, and who is also currently making a sword, like with a forge, hammer, and hot steel) went to a grocery, while Matt and I hit the Buffalo Grill across the street. Nothing quite like some good ol’ coastal French Tex-Mex. This place was amazing. It was like a bizarro Texas Roadhouse. Pictures of big-rigs, American flags and Native Americans adorned their walls and contemporary Nashville country music filled the air.  It was pretty fucked up. I got a buffalo burger.

Birmingham was a trip. We played at the O2 (like oxygen) Academy. At the same venue in a much much larger room a band called 20/20 played, and there were about 2000 young teenage girls with crazy haircuts and face paint there to see them. I’ve never seen anything like it. Our audience was small and enthusiastic. And of legal drinking age. It was a great time, except for the Carlsberg beer. We’ll never turn down a free beer, but as a rule, if the beer has the word “carl” in the name (i.e. Carling, Carlsberg), it’s gross. Much how the word “Salisbury” is British for “crappy” (see: salisbury steak), “Carl” is Brit for “yucky beer”.  You’ve been warned.

We don't know what Dagan is talking about Carl, we'd drink you any day.


Murder by Death are wrapping up their European jaunt soon, but there’s still time to catch them at one of the shows below.

Jun 12 – Cardiff, UK @ Barfly [tickets]
Jun 14 – Cork, Ireland @ Crane Lane Theatre
Jun 15 – Dublin, Ireland @ Academy 2 [tickets]
Jun 17 – Barcelona, Spain @ Sidecar [tickets]
Jun 18 – Madrid, Spain @ La Boite [tickets]
Jun 19 – Bibao, Spain @ Azkena

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