A Different Kind of Summertime Blues – The Woes On Tour Now

Joey Lawrence and Keanu Reeves have been singing their praises for years.

One of our absolutely favorite live bands of all time, Brooklyn’s The Woes is bringing the goods and the goodness to a few select cities starting today.  Known for occasionally backing up Elvis Perkins in Dreamland on tour and for kicking eighteen kinds of ass in their own sets, the Woes somehow remain one of the most criminally un-famous bands of our generation.  So we’re doing our small part to change that.

Check out the list of lucky towns and a video of the band in full ass-kicking glory after the jump.

Jun 11 2010 9:30P @ Bullfrog Brewery – Williamsport, PA
Jun 12 2010 9:00P @ Cafe NOLA – Frederick, MD
Jun 13 2010 10:00P @Acoustic Coffeehouse – Johnson City, TN
Jun 14 2010 8:00P @JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
Jun 15 2010 8:00P @ The Basement – Nashville, TN
Jun 16 2010 12:00P @WDVX Blue Plate Special – Knoxville, TN
Jun 16 2010 9:00P @ Preservation Pub – Knoxville, TN
Jun 17 2010 12:00P @ WNCW – Spindale, NC
Jun 17 2010 8:00P @Emerald Lounge – Asheville, NC
Jun 18 2010 11:30A @WCYB – Bristol, VA
Jun 18 2010 5:00P @ Border Bash – Bristol, VA
Jun 18 2010 10:00P @Machavelli’s – Bristol, Tennessee
Jun 19 2010 9:00P @Clementine Cafe – Harrisonburg, VA
Jun 26 2010 8:00P @92 Y – New York, NY
Jun 27 2010 2:00P @ StinkFest 2010 – Brooklyn, NY

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