Opening for Ke$ha – Heypenny’s Haiku Replay

When playing for a pop star's legion of screaming teen fans, personal safety is a must.

Our good friends Heypenny recently (and bizarrely) opened for pop star Ke$ha at a benefit concert for victims of the Nashville floods that occurred earlier this year.  We asked them to document this once in a lifetime meeting of poppy synth rock and poppy pop pop.  Below are a series of haikus from drummer Aaron Distler, as well as video and a photo from the event.

booking agent calls
asks us to play with Ke$ha
looks like Travolta

hometown girl makes good
free show helping flood victims
are you kidding? yes!

two-thousand people
is really good exposure
friends crying sellout

club was a madhouse
at 3pm. kids lined up
covered in glitter

lots of rich jailbait.
girls who paid one hundred bucks
for a meet-and-greet

excited girl with
her mom is taking photos
next to guys with beards

guy in black glasses
tells me i can’t play my drums
fuck his elbow stars

only five bud lights
to split between 12 people
stingy with the beer!

AC is broken
the club is way too damn hot
we will prolly die

kids are passing out
the beatles, we are not. it
is sadly the heat

i hear stories of
thirteen year-old kids with fake
IDs getting trashed

lots of screaming girls
taking pictures during our set
none show up online

(above photo not available on the internet)

ke$ha’s grand entrance
lots of flashbulbs and screaming
wears lots of feathers

ke$ha is all low
end and warbly vocals
not good. go outside

bi-racial version
of perez hilton sits there
obnoxiously loud

a girl tells me that
she does not like heypenny
she’s there for ke$ha

i go back inside
to try and sell merchandise
no one is buying

the club has become
a cacophony of sweat
and body paint. gross.

leave for red door east
the girl who hates us is there
tells me so again

the night is over
it is time for me to leave
and go shave my beard

Heypenny are a rock and roll dance party based in Nashville, TN.  Catch them sans Ke$ha at one of their upcoming shows.

July 31, 2010 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
August 31, 2010 – The Cake Shop – Manhattan, NY
September 4, 2010 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN

2 Comments to “Opening for Ke$ha – Heypenny’s Haiku Replay”

  1. amazing. I went there for Ke$ha, but I really enjoyed Heypenny. I’ll definitely be going to see them again…and I’m sure there will be fewer obnoxious tweens.

    • I just want to say i’m sorry you had/have any negative feed from anyone about opening for poppy pop pop star ke$ha. I think it is super cool! Thanks Aaron, for summing up the night with your beautiful haikus, absolutely answered any questions i had bout the evening. You guys really are so much more than a party band, but you are the most fucking awesome rock n roll party band east of the mississippi river.


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