Carmen Sandiego’s Favorite Band

Thanks to Anchorman, now the worst last name a woman can possibly have.

Can you name all 194 countries in the world?  Palomine can!  In PE’s first blind submission by a band we’ve never heard of’s publicist (we’ve made it!), we were made aware of Palomine’s recent use of the interwebs to have fans from every country on Earth send in a video of themselves professing their love for the band.  They took these video messages and worked them into the music video for their song “Never Be The Same”.  You can check out the video and our thoughts on it below.

The song is safe, top 4o striving, pop influenced rock and roll that we personally find to be rather bland and forgettable, but damn it if we don’t love a gimmick.  So we salute you Palomine for pulling off this crazy world uniting bit of video narcissism by everyone involved.  Also, they sent this as their band photo.


Not that we were on the fence about the band, but this definitely assured we were comfortable with our initial impression.

Being fans of learning however, we found the individual videos from the people of planet Earth to be much more interesting.  You can check those out here: and not only learn the name of every country, but also what someone from there looks/sounds like.  Which is cool.

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