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Who's doing what now?

Our good friends over at let us know that it was this day in 1986 that Columbia Records made the super awesome decision to drop Johnny Cash from their roster after 26 years.  Being the savvy and brilliant types who cared only about that financial quarter’s bottom line and not how history (or would judge them, they also dropped Miles Davis from the label earlier that year.

Want to take a guess who Columbia signed in 1986?

Ain't no cash like a teenage girl's mom's cash, yo...

Yep – the label that dropped two of the most influential musicians in history, decided to fill up that space with five youts from Boston – the New Kids on the Block.

1986 = The Year Columbia Said “Fuck You Planet Earth”

Here’s a great video of Mr. Cash on the Muppet Show singing a song that sums up the Columbia execs.

And wow – a Confederate flag on the Muppets set?  Crazy.

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