WWWEWD? – July Edition

Class is in session.

William Elliott Whitmore is an American treasure, and he’s here to answer your questions and life problems.  Check out Will’s advice to three Postcard Elba readers below.

Dear WEW,

Throughout the current heatwave in the country, I have refrained from
buying an air-conditioner for my bedroom window, convincing myself to
man up and deal, and that being uncomfortable built character. Like
Calvin’s dad in the comic. It’s gotten to the point, though, that it’s
been so intolerable that I need to take a few quick shots of whiskey
right before bed just to try to sleep. Should I stick to my ideals and
deal accordingly, or buy a widow unit and admit failure. (and the
first day I use it will be the first day of fair weather.)

Sweatyville, KY

Dear Sweatyville,

I remember when I got my first air-conditioner.   I had literally never had one all through my childhood and way into adulthood,  and I battled with the same question of being spoiled.   My cabin didn’t even have electricity for years and when I finally hooked it up, the first thing I did was break down and get a window unit.   I realized quickly that my happiness was worth the small jump in the electric bill.  At least run it at night so you can get some sleep.   It doesn’t mean you can’t still have shots of Whiskey!



I’m pretty open with accepting friend requests from social networking
sites. I’m a musician and certainly do not want to be rude. Recently,
I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people I don’t really like,
people from work and my friends of my parents, etc. I’m not ‘thrilled’
with these requests… what would you do?

Violated in Cyberland

Dear Violated in Cyberland,

What an age we live in!   I remember when people made friends through flesh and blood meetings at Bars and in the grocery store and at the barn dance.  I personally can’t sit still for very long,  so I find it hard to pay attention to social type sites.  I say don’t accept any friends that you don’t feel comfortable with,  same as you would do at the barn dance.   Folks can go on your site and hear the tunes and also get your show dates.  Then they can come to the show and make friends with you for real! These are the connections that matter.


Dear WEW,

I was born and raised a Kentucky girl and therefor have strong
loyalties to bourbon and whiskey as my drinks of choice. The
difficulty I am experiencing is that whiskey always makes me want to
fight. Former whiskey experiences have led to trading punches, point
blank stand-offs with air guns, and various epic lake experiences that
have drawn blood. It’s always in good fun, but I frequently wake up
with scrapes and bruises that don’t necessarily fit my mother’s
definition of “a lady.” Is it time to put up the bottle, move on to
another poison, or just keep on truckin?

Whiskey Wary in Bloomington

Dear Whiskey Wary,

Oh the brown liquor!   For me, drinking whiskey is like getting punched in the face by a beautiful lady.  I don’t mind the pain,  because she’s lovely.   I remember jumping out of my friends second story window into his swimming pool while on a binge.  Luckily, like yourself, I’ve never been seriously hurt, only bruised cut and embarrassed.   I’ve definitely spent too much time in a jail cell.

It took me years to find the intake that was right for me,  and I believe anyone can do the same, including you.  Don’t give up completely,  because that would be depressing.   Also,  try gin and tonics.  They’re really good and won’t make you as fighty.   Happy drinking!


Need Will’s help sorting out your life?  Send your question to postcardeditor@gmail.com with WWWEWD? in the subject line.

William Elliott Whitmore is “America’s greatest living songwriter” according to the Pogues’ own Spider Stacey.  His latest album “Animals in the Dark” is available from Anti-Records.

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