Stars @ The Calgary Folk Fest

Perhaps you noticed our lack of posts lately (anyone? anyone notice at all?).  It’s because we were up at the Calgary Folk Festival having a grand time and when we would remember to do so, taping some of our favorite bands to share with you good people.  One of those bands is Stars, who we captured three videos of performing.  Check them below!

This first one is them performing Elevator Love Letter on the main stage the opening night of the festival.

This next one is them performing at one of the workshops the next day where they are joined on stage by Honeybear and The Library Voices.  We just got our seats when they started this amazing cover of the Smiths song There Is a Light That Never Goes Out and it took us a second to stop fist-pumping (as much as one can to the Smiths) and get the camera out.

This one is from the same workshop and is a cover of a Jenny Whiteley song.

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