Frank Turner @ Calgary Folk Fest

Nothing says bad-ass like a tiny texas tattoo

As we noted in yesterday’s Stars post, we haven’t been posting much because we were up in Alberta at the Calgary Folk Festival having a grand time.  Most of the grandness came from hanging out with our old pal Frank Turner and blowing all of our souvenir money on booze.  It was not all for naught however as we captured some sweet video of FTHC.  Below are three vids.  One from the main stage, one from his side stage appearance the next day and one from the back yard of some kids on the north side of Calgary who gave us a party and enough Pilsner and Jameson that we don’t remember any of their names.  Good dudes and dudettes though.

In this first video Frank plays Long Live the Queen on the main stage.

This next video is of Frank’s side stage performance the next day, playing a brand new untitled song about England (the theme of that stage was all UK performers)

And finally, a video of Frank by citronella candle light, covering a short song by Half-Man/Half-Biscuit.

Frank Turner is a folk-punk singer-songwriter from Winchester, England.  His latest album is entitled “Poetry of the Deed” and is available via Epitaph Records.  He is almost always on tour, and you can find out when he’s coming to your hometown by visiting here.

3 Comments to “Frank Turner @ Calgary Folk Fest”

  1. Hi there!

    I randomly found this link while trying to look for Frank vids while he was here in Calgary playing the Folk Fest last weekend. I was one of the guys that brought Frank back to my friend Eryn’s place for that house show he played on Friday. I was the dude in the brown Blue Jay’s hat and blue t-shirt…

    Anyways, just wanted to know if you had any more vids/pictures of Frank and, if so, you would be able to send them my way somehow?

    Much appreciated. Was Friday ever an awesome night! Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!


    • Jason – Thank you for your hospitality my friend. I’m uploading more vids of Frank tomorrow – mostly from the festival itself, but one more quick snippet from the party. Still kicking myself that I didn’t tape his version of “A New England” by Billy Bragg, but I think I was preoccupied with juggling beers and shots at that time.

  2. I hear you on that. I tried taking some videos myself (mainly from the house show) but they are either really short clips or I am singing too loud and so they don’t sound that good. I think we all got into the beer and shots a little more than initially expected. As I too, would have loved to have taken more/better videos. But what can you do, it turned into quite the party and everyone had a blast!

    Glad you were able to come and enjoy what was quite the night to remember!

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