Sound as Vision – A New Irregularly Recurring Segment

Yes, we're bringing you this genius. You're welcome.

We at P.E. have been huge fans of the whimsical and amazing artwork of Kyle Starks since before the internet was really a thing and he was improving shitty local zines with his awesomeness.  Well, times and technology may change, but luckily Kyle is still golden.  How golden?  He’s agreed to be a part of a new segment we’re calling Sound as Vision where music related things are recreated by artists we love.  Check out the first esteemed entry into this thrilling new saga.

Artist Statement:

My name is Kyle and I like to Draw-Draw.  Here I did a Draw-Draw of the London Calling Clash album, as suggested by my friend, Tim Lockridge.   London Calling is a record with music on it.  Music that’s all “jang-a, jang-a, wham, wham” and shit, but British.   If you want to request an album for my Draw-Draw here please say something in the comments.   The comments are down there.

Kyle’s other work can be found right here.

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