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My rock face. Let me show it to you.

Hey, once again we went off the air for way too long.  Probably because we seem to think that the internet somehow works like a radio signal.  But don’t worry, we’ll get the hang of this thing, we swear!

For your patience and because we’ve been sitting on it for way too long, here’s some photos and a review of our old pal Frank Turner’s show on November 6th, 2010 at Ram’s Head Live, opening for Lucero.  Enjoy!

Despite the cancellation of Social Distortion for health issues on November 6th, Lucero and Frank Turner unpacked their gear at Rams Head Live in Baltimore and poured out their booze and their souls on stage for free.

Former Million Dead member Frank Turner has gathered a loyal following with his narrative and emotionally charged punk-rock-gone-acoustic solo offerings. With a fully developed live ensemble behind him the British troubadourʼs sweaty enthusiasm grabbed the audience and the large, multi-level Rams Head transformed into the basement of a Baltimore row house, the intimacy and camaraderie were so sincere.  During ʻDanʼs Songʻ an eager and energized fan was pulled on stage to show off his harmonica skills, whether or not he had previously held one was irrelevant.

Introducing “Long Live the Queen” as a personal tale the mood mellowed down into a contemplative story time, further demonstrating his ability to connect and commiserate with his audience. “Photosynthesize” must have been written to inspire the crowd to join in, the album version features softly echoing gang vocals in the background which translate directly to the live show. Peopleʼs voices and clapping hands bounced off the cavernous walls of the Rams Head as if they were the backing track, shouting with raised fits, “I wonʼt sit down, and I wonʼt shut up, but most of all I will not grow up!”.

Towards the end of the set it was obvious that Frank was having a damn good time as he danced and jumped around the stage, even penetrating into the crowd with his microphone for the ubiquitous hardcore style sing-a-long.

Always amicable he manned his merch table both before and after his set, smiling and chatting with anyone who approached. Even without itʼs headliner the show maintained itʼs energy throughout the night, the crowd proving they didnʼt purchase their tickets thinking they would sit on the sidelines for the first half, they were in it from the start.

-Robyn Joy

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