A Rare Moment of Negativity

Even when we're grumpy we're adorable.

We try to keep it light here at Postcard Elba.  Light and positive.  But something was sent to us today.  Something of a band that we’ve hated ever since they were complete assholes to us and everyone else at the High Sierra Festival in 2008.  The video sent to us was just one more example of their selfish, narcissistic asshole ways.

Who are we talking about?  The March Fourth Marching Band.  At the High Sierra Music Festival ( located in beautiful Quincy, CA) the spot is so remote that they can’t provide hotels for artists and media, so everyone just camps out instead in a designated artist/media area.  Which is pretty cool.  Unless the MFMB happens to be camping in the designated area too.  Then it sucks balls.  Why?  Well because every night, starting around 4 am these fuckwads would have a kick ball game in the middle of the campsite – complete with a lot of screaming, their kickball slamming into people’s tents who were trying to sleep, and more screaming.  Way to be awesome and considerate, oh wait, I mean the opposite of that, which I believe is pronounced “eat shit.”

So when this popped up in our inbox today, all of our sleepless rage returned.  Because apparently it’s the standard plan for these assholes to think that the world wants their shit forced upon them at all times.  Like, for example, when you’re just trying to buy some groceries.

Hey thanks hippies on stilts.  I just popped in to get some medicine for my headache and your trumpets and unwashed stink is really helping.  Thanks a lot for sharing your “art” with me against my will.

Oh, and p.s. the bass is out of tune you fucking shitbags.

Ok – we’re done.  Back to the happy happy next post.  Promise.

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