Rearview Mirror – Joe Stone’s 2010

Spend a year with me.

Launching a new segment today.  We emailed several of our rock and roll friends and asked them to compile either the year or the decade in review in music for us.  Didn’t put any limits on having to be albums released or anything like that, just their personal musical moments.

First up is former Tremendous Fucking and current Outer Planets member Joe Stone.  Let’s see what he did the last three six five.

2010 was a healthy discovery of how good it feels to not give a fuck.

Earl Sweatshirt-Earl – OFWGKTA.

Die Antwoord-$O$

Twat Sauce- @House Gone Wylie- A perfectly sweaty summer night; a bunch of ex-Bloomingtonians in town, bringing out everybody you never see anymore, and Chattanooga putting some Twat Sauce on it.

High On Fire- @Bluebird – Even the way I got the ticket to this show was good.  A friend picked one up for me, and the exchange ended up looking like a drug deal… in front of my boss.   The show was good.  Drink prices weren’t.  Indianapolis folks came to town.  We all banged our heads.  My body hurt for 3-days after.  High on fire.

Outer Planets- @College Mall-  Outer Planets is my sloppy, noisy, punk duo.  Think Lee Ranaldo, Motorhead, Minor Threat and Dr. Ellie Arroway, letting themselves drown in waves of overlapping radio signals.  In the Mall.  I don’t think we were louder than the other bands that day, but we got told to turn down three times in 25 minutes.  The shoe store moved their hoop-shot game somewhere out of view.  We played a sound collage at the end of our set, featuring Chunk, from the movie The Goonies, making puke sounds.  We sold 17 cassette demos.

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  1. That Hight On Fire show was epic. I came for the Torche, but I stayed for the HOF!

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