Rearview Mirror – Aaron Distler

Sneak peek from the Postcard Elba swimsuit calendar.

Today’s year in review comes from Aaron Distler – drummer in Heypenny, who we talk about quite a bit on this site because they are our friends and they are good and we think you should be good friends with them too.  As you can tell from the above photo, Aaron is a saucy minx and his list reflects that as well.  Enjoy!

The top things that I did not pay attention to in 2010.

2010 brought me nothing but a flooded basement with $4000 in damages and about 30 extra pounds and a huge loss of muscle mass after I quit my furniture deliver job. These are the things I did not pay attention to or generally caused me displeasure:

Die Antwoord.
Lindsay Lohan.
Julian Assange.
Vampire Weekend.
The girl with the stupid headband on and a Freddie Mercury jumpsuit at my local watering hole.
All of her friends with the stupid headbands on.
Justin Bieber.
The alarming upswing in 90s cover bands selling out clubs in Nashville and great touring bands having 15 people in the room.
John Travolta Huffing Dong.

Things that I did particularly enjoy:

Kanye’s song “Power.” Really, the whole record blows my mind, but that song’s rhythms, aggressiveness and chanting vocals get me every time. I love that it samples King Crimson too.
Robyn featuring Snoop Dogg.
Reading about the guy who hangs out at Nashville parks, pants around his ankles, shirt open with a neck-tie on, holding a dog on a leash and tweaking his nipples. Thank you Craigslist Missed Connections for telling me where not to exercise. Also thank you for my recent surge in mace and rape whistle stocks.
Ke$ha haikus.
Imogene and Willie.

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