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Apparently this week will be shirtless dude week. You're welcome.

Today’s year in musical review comes to you from Nick Cross – tour manager for White Rabbits, Asobi Seksu and Murder by Death and co-host of the podcast Nick & Mat’s Infinite Shitlist.  He has mastered the twin worlds of rock and roll AND the internet, so who better to tell you about rock and roll via our blog?  Probably a lot of people, but until they file a report won’t you enjoy Nick’s?

5 records and 5 live shows from this year in no particular order.


lcd soundsystem ‘this is happening” – what can i say?  this record is just good.  since this has come out, a different song gets stuck in my head every time i listen to it.  also, i don’t think there was a more exhilarating moment of music this year than the big blow up in “dance yrself clean.”

the walkmen “lisbon” – it’s pretty rare for a band to keep making a better record each time out, and these guys keep doing it.  “angela surf city” is their best song since “the rat,” and the horns on “stranded” are pretty near perfect.

cee-lo green “the lady killer” – “fuck you” was probably the best pop song of the year, so that alone puts this one up there, but the whole record is full of old school soul gems.

deerhunter “halcyon digest” – deerhunter write really good songs, plain and simple.  what makes them so good here though, is they take those songs and add in just enough experimentation to make them sound different, without losing you.  since hearing this record, i can’t seem to make it through a day without “helicopter” rolling through my head once or twice.

big boi “sir lucious left foot: the son of chico dusty” – big boi is a dude you want to hang out with.  he’s cool, he’s funny, he’s a little bit weird, and this record personifies that.  to me, this record is everything that his main competition for top hip hop honors from critics this year, kanye west, isn’t.  kanye seems to try so incredibly hard to be the coolest guy out there, which is the antithesis of being cool.  big boi goes about it so effortlessly.  to me, it’s no contest.  1/2 outkast > kanye.


pavement @ coachella – i never got to see pavement before they broke up, so i was really happy about this reunion tour.  thanks to my working status, i got to watch this show between the festival security barrier and the stage, and it was great.  they played almost every song i wanted to hear (except stop breathin).  they actually seemed like they were trying to, which is apparently a pretty rare thing.

gorillaz @ coachella – quite possibly the greatest spectacle i’ve ever seen.  it seemed like there were 100 people on stage between the choir and orchestra and the living members of the clash, but damon albarn held it all together with ease.

gogol bordello @ paradiso, amsterdam, nl – non fucking stop energy.  i can’t believe someone doesn’t collapse with a heart attack every night.  this band connects with their crowd like no other.

here we go magic @ paradise, boston, ma – it’s not often in the touring business that you find yourself watching the support band every night, but these guys and girls had me checking in every show.  it all really came together at this show though.  last night of tour, packed club, and they were on top of their game.

white rabbits @ united palace, nyc – i know, i know.  should i really be able to list someone i work for and have seen about 200 times in the last couple years?  well, i don’t give a damn.  this was the last show of this year with them, and a culmination of sorts.  after 2 years of seeing every kind of show from them, the transformation from a pretty decent live band to one hell of a live band was evident.  it didn’t hurt that this was in one of the most beautiful venues i’ve seen yet.

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  1. Nice list Nick. Thought you’d be too cool for “Fuck You.” The best pop song of the year indeed, Glee be damned. Big Boi and Deerhunter for sure, but I never could get into LCD though and the Walkmen never stuck out to me above the indie rock fray. Talented dudes for sure and I probably need to give em another chance.

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