Rearview Mirror – Will Pepple

He makes one of these faces when he makes love to a woman and the other face when he kills a man. We'll let you decide which.

The musical year in reviews keep trickling in from our rock and roll friends, and being the super laid back types who have never been completely sold on this whole “calendar year” thing we are happy to keep passing them on to you, the reader.

Today’s comes from Will Pepple, tour manager and sound-man for Mr. Heavenly, Matt and Kim, Amanda Blank, Murder by Death, Lucero, Deer Tick, Spank Rock, Diplo and for one magical week that surely changed the way Will thinks about life, love and music – Sam Lowry.

Will has created an amazing interactive list where you click the link and watch the words come to life with images.  Magic!

Sweet things that happened to me in 2010

10. I (sort of) grew a mustache.

09. My longtime roommates had a kid. Now my 4-year-old roommate has a little brother. Say hello to Dagan William Jack Lingenfelter.

08. My episode as “Nick” in the podcasting world. I don’t remember much. Rumor has it that we recorded a second one but fuck if I know.

07. I went to Japan.

06. I worked on my resume a little this year.

05. Touring with Murder by Death is always amazing because it’s hanging with some of the best people I know. And really, who else would deal with me for this long? Seriously, thank you for putting up with my short-tempered, snarky, back handed comments. I mean, we’ve only been doing this everyday for about seven fucking years.

04. S X S W, Coachella, Primavera, Bonaroo, Siren Fest, Floyd Fest, Fuji Rock, Lollapalooza, Lou Fest & Virgin Fest

03. Been there, rode that and bought the t-shirt.

02. Seriously assholes, who gets married anymore? What is this… the 50’s? I missed most of the Alano-Martin gala (sorry dudes) but I did make it to the Balliet-Turla affair (sorry dudes). Congrats and all of that hoo-haw.

01. Finally

I spent this entire year surrounded by people that I know and love. Your willingness to give me a place to crash or drive me to/ from an airport or just tolerate my drunken, deviant tendencies is what allows me to stay positive and prolong my extended adolescence. Thank you for dealing with me and my shit. I appreciate you more than you know and more than I can ever say aloud.



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