Introducing: The Gloria Jones Challenge

It’s important to stretch before administering a beat down.

We’re introducing a new segment today, one to decide once and for all whose version of a classic song is the greatest of them all.  The song “Tainted Love” was written by Ed Cobb and originally recorded in 1964 by the Queen of Northern Soul, Ms. Gloria Jones.

We love the original and feel it’s a shame that some of the cover versions are far more well known than Jones’ original.  And thus, the Gloria Jones Challenge was born.  Every week we will be taking a cover of “Tainted Love” and putting it head to head against the original to decide if it’s improved on the song or just disrespected the awesomeness with it’s weak sauce.

Our first challenger gives the song the Glee treatment.  We’ve included that sentence to solely drive more visitors to our blog.  We’re shameless and we admit it.

But first the original by which all challengers will be judged.

Again – just the song, we haven’t found a good video for the original yet but we may shoot our own with us dancing around with our dogs.  We’ll see.

And this week’s challenger: Straight No Chaser

Postcard ChaCha says: “How many acapella singers does it take to ruin ‘Tainted Love?’  I guess ten.  Or fifteen, these wily bastards won’t stand still long enough for me to count them.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, I can already tell they’re about to epically fail the GLORIA JONES CHALLENGE.”

Postcard Editor says: “I agree.  This is awful.  Even for Straight No Chaser who seem to specialize in making good songs awful.  Fail.”

Winner: (Resoundingly) Gloria Jones.

Tune in next week to see who tries to take the “Tainted Love” crown.

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