Where the Internet Took Us

A few days ago a friend asked for some suggestions of good Shudder to Think songs to play for an indie dance party.  Great question, since the hurky jerky angular rhythms of the band would offer a dance challenge that the highest level of Dance Dance Revolution couldn’t touch.  We weren’t much help on the dance front, but it did remind us of how amazing the band was, and so we went a YouTubing and stumbled across this little bit of awesome.

Several videos (shot by the band) of the recording process of their seminal album Pony Express Record.  Now, if you’re not a fan of the band, these videos aren’t going to be any more interesting to you than a stranger’s vacation photos – but for those devotees of the genius of Pony Express Record it’s fascinating.  Fascinating and criminally under-viewed.  When we found these each vid only had about 300 views.  Criminal!  Criminal we say!  So check it out and see the making of a modern classic.

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