The Gloria Jones Challenge – Round 2

The Gloria Jones Challenge is our ongoing examination of the many, many, many covers of Jones’ classic Northern Soul jam “Tainted Love” – to see how they stack up compared to the original.

Today’s challengers give the song the Top 40 pop treatment.  Let’s see how they do.

But first, as always, the original version.

And now the challenger.

Tainted Love – as done by The Pussycat Dolls

Note – this is clearly not the video for the song, but rather some kind of fan made mash-up.  We couldn’t find an official video, but feel like this puts it in the correct context of what it means for a faux burlesque faux pop group to be doing the song.

Postcard Editor: At first, I surprisingly don’t hate it.  The way they changed up the rhythm of the back beat was unexpected, and also it’s already ballsier than last week’s version.  However that feeling fades in about 30 seconds if not sooner.  The synths are all seemingly set to “annoying” and it seems like at times the vocals do their best to match.  Also, they do the transition into the Supremes “Where Did Our Love Go” just like the Soft Cell version.  Not that they were winning the challenge before that, but doing a cover version of a cover version is an automatic disqualification in my book.

Postcard ChaCha: A cover of a cover?  Come on PCD!  You might be able to “out diva” Soft Cell, but leave The Supremes out of this.

Winner: Gloria Jones

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