Tuesday Tip-Off – Throwing Stars

Today’s tip-off is the latest e.p. from the melodic rock band Throwing Stars.

We’ve sung Throwing Stars praises before, and frankly we were just waiting for a reason to do so again.  Well the moment is upon us, and we are not only excited to have another chance to spread the word on one of our favorite groups, but also because the news item in question lives up to our fanatic expectations.

Whereas the group’s debut album Bluebird Full of  Fire started initially as a recording project of husband and wife duo Brian and Una Winterman, the new e.p. Listen documents the group as a fully fledged band, writing together and writing for the stage – and it shows.  The songs are punchy and spacious at the same time, with every part working independently and cohesively for maximum effect.

This is undoubtedly at least in some small part due to the rather impressive players that have come to fill out the Wintermans vision – Michael Kapinus, Christian Rutledge and Frank Daly each bring years of experience from various other bands and seem to instinctively know how to lay down simple but indispensable parts that elevate the songs to little masterpieces of pop rock.

While some may miss the wall of sound sonic layering of  Bluebird the new direction frames Una Winterman’s vocals more boldly, making it more effective in it’s storytelling.  This is not to say that the simple, strong melodies that have always been the calling card of the band have been lessened, in fact the opposite.  There is still plenty of dreamy beauty here, just that the warm glow has been focused into a more effective and substantial part of the song.

This allows Listen to immediately hook the listener with it’s elements of shoegaze influenced early 90’s  indie rock with the pop sensibilities of Motown and the Brill Building songwriters of the 60’s.  The final product is something that has the hooks of pop, the muscle of rock, the effortless cool of indie and the endless replay-ability of your new favorite album.

Throwing Stars will have a release party for “Listen” this Saturday, January 29th, 2011 at the Bishop in Bloomington, IN.  For those of you located in other parts of the world you can get your copy online here starting 1/30/11.

Here’s a video of the group performing the title track at the aforementioned Bishop late last year.

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