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January 28, 2011

Friday Free For All – College Rivalry In Song

There’s been a lot of buzz around our homebase of Bloomington about a student made rap song/video boasting of Indiana University’s dominance in the Big Ten (which has twelve teams because apparently math is not a competitive sport and therefore irrelevant).  The creators have been written up in the student paper and the local paper and the video itself has been the topic of many a facebook posting.  This got us thinking.  There has to be other examples of this sort of thing for other schools right?

Oh yes.  So, so many.  We decided to limit ourselves to the Big Ten because we do have lives outside of this blog that we like to try to get to from time to time.  So now, for your education and enjoyment – tribute songs and videos from the Big Ten and the grade we give each one.  As they run the gamut from slick and well produced to charmingly lo-fi to the kind of trainwreck one can only attribute to the folly of youth; there’s probably something in here for everyone.

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