Tuesday Tip-Off: The Woes

Today’s tip-off is the latest e.p. from The Woes.

This modern life can be so hectic.  How easy it is to get wrapped up in our own routines and lose touch with those we love who live far away.  Out of sight, out of mind, but never out of heart.  Such is the case when we somehow completely missed the November 2010 release of The Bird & The Bear – the new e.p. from The Woes – one of our all time favorite live acts.

Perhaps it’s the separation that makes it sound so sweet, but damn if TB&TB not only brings back all those old feelings of spontaneous joy that the band has always delivered, but something much deeper and resounding.  The varied influences that have always shaped the sound of The Woes (bluegrass, soul, pre-war blues, dixieland and americana) are on full display once again, but with a greater cohesion than ever before.  That’s not to say that their former releases, especially their 2009 full length Heaven Knows – a must-have album in our book, were unfocused. The Woes have always juggled these genres masterfully to create an experience that is true to each of them while also being transcendent in creating a unique sound that is greater than it’s parts.  It’s hard to say exactly what it is about the new e.p. that makes it so special.  Maybe it’s the aggressive road schedule the group had in support of HK that made everything that much tighter and more defined.  Maybe it’s that distance has made our ears grow fonder.  Or maybe like the best relationships, this one just gets sweeter and sweeter as time goes by.

Check out the new e.p. here and the group’s page here.

Here is a video of The Woes playing “Let Me Ride” – the second track off the new e.p.


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