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Today we talk with Malachi DeLorenzo from the groupLanghorne Slim and The Law about the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre formerly of the Green Bay Packers and eventually LS&TL’s new songs and what the next album will be like.

Postcard Editor: So…the Pack.

Malachi DeLorenzo: The Pack is back…what a beautiful world.  I’m still in shock. I’m also really surprised that they are favored to win.

PE: Maybe we should warn the readers now that most of this interview will actually be about sports and not music.  The Packers, Brewers prospects. We have a lot to discuss.

Malachi: Haha I’ll talk about music if you want. I don’t know much about it though haha.

PE: We’ll get to that later, but first let’s talk about the Packers going into the Super Bowl in the first time in a painfully long time.  Now you know I’m a Colts man, but I have to say I’m happy to see the Packers going the distance.

Malachi: Yeah, I was in middle school the last time this sort of shit went down. In truth i don’t like the colts all that much. I think Peyton is a little baby. His brother is as well.

PE: I know – everyone hates us because we dominate usually, and if by baby you mean the greatest football strategist to ever step onto the field in a playing position, then yes Peyton is a baby.  A football computing machine in baby form.

Malachi: Yeah, they couldn’t really figure it out this year. In a lot of ways they were like the Packers except we sorted it out. Both teams barely made the playoffs.

When Peyton throws an interception (which he threw a lot of this year) he pouts like a little baby. Other than that he’s damn good. Big forehead.

PE: He is a passionate man, and his harshest critic – but yes it does look like pouting, and the big head doesn’t help.

Malachi: A hamhead if you will.

PE: A lot of people were upset the Colts only made it to the first round, but as it was mostly second and third stringers I found it inspiring that our bench runs so deep.

Malachi: Yeah, another similarity to the Pack….way too many injuries.

PE: Were you on board with Rodgers before he turned it around halfway through the season?  Or were you thinking it was maybe time to change up that position (again)?

Malachi: Of course I was on board, the guy is fantastic. I just trust his ability and mind.

PE: He’s certainly proven himself, even if he sort of looks like a beach bum.

Malachi: We all went along with it but Favre wasn’t really to be trusted hahaha. The guy was a loose cannon. Rodgers is a thinking man’s QB. Have you seen him play guitar by the beach? Did you know he runs a record label?

PE: No he doesn’t. Does he?

Malachi: Yes he does.

PE: Is he a Jack Johnson dude? I was just making a comment on his look

Malachi: Thats the vibe i get

PE: Ok, well now I have to root for the Steelers. I’m sorry. You have turned me against him with this info.

Malachi: I watched an interview with him last year and played a song on the beach. I wished I hadn’t watched it. Really wished I hadn’t watched. BUT we’re going to the goddamn Superbowl so whatever.

PE: On a scale of things you wish you could unsee, where would it rank? Above or below 2 girls, 1 cup?

Malachi: I never watched that. Don’t want to either. Its pretty high on the scale…probably a 9 out of 5. It was very stupid.

PE: Ok – fair enough.

Malachi: He’s young, he’ll learn. Music is not childs play.

PE: It’s not a “game” like his little “super bowl”

Malachi: No….not at all.

PE: Back to Favre – do you think he’s actually going stay down this time? Or will he resurface two weeks after training camp? And if so, for who?

Malachi: He better not come back. I really can’t imagine that he would come back…after everything that has gone on, I just don’t think any team would take a chance on him. Plus I feel like he really believes he’s done.

He IS done…

PE: Do you think he’ll at least pick up some work as a spokesman for a cell phone with amazing photo texting abilities?

Malachi: hahaha I would assume he will probably do something along those lines… I did read in the past that he wanted to coach high school football. He needs to be out of the spotlight for a while so he can come back and regain some credibility.

That is, if his wife doesn’t kill him.

PE: Him as a HS coach would have been amazing if it would have been before this sexting stuff. Now it just seems like a very bad idea.

Malachi: Yeah, he’ll sort it out though. He just needs to take some time off.

PE: Ok, so onto music. What’s new with you and the Langhorne crew? Your latest album has been out for over a year and you guys have been touring on it pretty much non-stop. What’s the last year been like for you guys?

Malachi: The last year has consisted of a lot of shows and a lot of drinks. We’re focusing now on the next record. Been playing a lot of the new songs live. The next record will be a much different affair from the last one.

PE: Cool – let’s talk about that in a second, but first – other than Sam Lowry at Radio Radio last month who clearly would be your favorite- who are some of the acts you’ve been doing shows with this past year that you’ve been really into? The ones that kind of stand out from the crowd.

Malachi: Well, Dawes was one of our favorites for sure…as musicians they are incredible and the songs are very very solid. Also they like to have a good time which gets them in my good graces immediately

Sadly they are from LA.


PE: Yeah, that’s a shame. The LA part.

Malachi: We did a show with Akron/Family about 6 months ago in LA that is in my top shows ever…they are ridiculous. Used to go get coffee from them when they worked at Gimme Coffee in Brooklyn but now they live in Portland.

PE: Another good suggestion – great band.

Malachi: They seriously put on the most insane show.

PE: So quickly because we’re sadly running out of time, tell me about the new songs, the new album. The last album was very “produced”, and while it brought out some cool things in some of the songs, it seemed to lose a lot of the fire of your live shows. Is the new record going to be closer to that sort of energy? (My fingers are crossed, btw)

Malachi: Yessir!!! The new album will be very raw and very stripped down. Probably the majority of it done live… shit will be well thought out yet completely energetic. We’re all very excited about it. We are all pretty sure of what we need to do which is a good feeling to have going into a record

We know what we don’t want which I feel is more important than knowing what we do want. Trying to lean on Sean (Scolnick aka Langhorne) to pump out some more fast songs…those will be key.

PE: This fills my heart with joy. The ballads are great too, Sean is a great balladeer, but they are more effective when thrown in with the barn burners I think.

Malachi: Mine too… this is how I wanted the last record to be but it got changed along the way…in hindsight its all good though. We needed to make that one so we could make this one.

We are going to be millionaires hahaha.

PE: I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Well, Sasparilla. But other than them, you guys are top of the list.

Malachi: hahaha Too bad you weren’t here in Portland for New Years. Sasparilla opened and it was ridiculous. Great night.

PE: Just real quickly, give me an idea of when you’re going to be recording this beast and when we might see it released?

Malachi: I would hope it will be released before the end of the year. We don’t have anything on the books in terms of recording but should be relatively soon. The way we want it to feel, it shouldn’t take too long to record.

PE: And are you guys going to keep touring through this year until you go into record it?

Malachi: Yeah but not as much.

PE: Gotta set aside the time for Super Bowl celebrations and Brewers spring training – I understand.

Malachi: Of course. I will be in NYC with Paul (Defiglia – original bassist for Langhorne Slim) for the super bowl…poor Bears fan. Cutler is a baby too.

PE: Sorry I have to cut this so short. We’ll check back in with you later on in the summer and we’ll talk baseball and your side career as a professional gambler then. Cool?

Malachi: Right on, that was fun!!!!! Talk to you soon. Make me sound smart.

Malachi DeLorenzo plays drums and sings backup in Langhorne Slim.  The native of Milwaukee, WI loves the Packers, but you probably figured that out by now.

Here is a video of Malachi and crew performing And If It’s True on New Year’s Eve at the Mission Theater in Portland, OR

And now…the Aaron Rodgers on the beach playing guitar video in question.  We couldn’t get it to embed, but we think it’s worth the extra click…and the Larry the Cable Guy’s new TV show commercial you have to sit through before the video starts.

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  1. This interview is too long. Malachi DeLorenzo does not know anything about football. You might as well ask Brian Boitano about the late great Jake Delhomme’s QB passer rating. It just doesn’t make sense.

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