Where the Internet Took Us

We were very pleased this morning when we found this undeniably charming music video from A Hawk and A Hacksaw in our inbox.

It’s for the song “Lajtha Lassu” off of their upcoming full length Cervantine, and the crude simplicity of the imagery only underscores the storyline’s elegant beauty.  The lush and cinematic song for which the video was made elevates the whole thing into the same wistful space in our heart that Harvey Krumpet occupies.  Check it out below.

(We don’t know how to embed this in a way that makes it bigger – sorry.)

László Lassú from Benjamin Popp on Vimeo.

Also, here is the video for the epically epic video for the title song off the album.

And because it’s kind of our mission in life to share this with as many people as possible – here’s Harvey Krumpet in it’s entirety.

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