This Day in Music History (Sort Of)

Today is President’s Day, and in honor of the quasi-holiday here’s some musical tributes to the Commander in Chief.

First, a quick recap (up to the Clintons) courtesy of the Animaniacs.

We fell in love with this song immediately when ‘Clef played it on Chappelle’s Show and even more so when he did it on Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. The full version that was released later, not so much.
(note, this video is really quiet)

Apparently there was an 80’s artist named Mr. President…

And apparently Pink gets political from time to time…
(note – you can also learn French by watching this one)

Young Jeezy claims at the beginning of this song that it’s the realest shit you’ll ever quote, so here’s a version with the lyrics (in English this time) for all your President’s Day quoting needs.

If we could vote Ninja Party, we would.  Sorry PUSA, that’s just how we roll.

And we’re pretty sure Washington would support that.

And finally our favorite emcee in the game today, Brother Ali and his song “Mr. President (You’re the Man)”

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