Tuesday Tip-Off: Courtney Jaye

Today’s tip-off is the tropicalicountry sounds of Courtney Jaye.
The Exotic Sounds of Courtney Jaye may have been released over a year ago, but we just stumbled across it last week. When one of our Nashville friends sent us the link to her video “Don’t Tell A Girl” we got excited…we liked the classic country siren sound, blended with the throwback production style and of course, once we dug into the album and found a good sing- a-long drinking song, we were pretty much sold.

On Exotic Sounds, Jaye teeters effortlessly between country, 60’s exotica, garage, jazz and western swing, creating an unheard of genre she dubbed “Tropicalicountry.” Although I did hear something familiar about her voice (it’s as if Mazzy Star grew a pair, moved to Nashville and got a sun tan) Jaye is most definitely a stand out artist.

Check out the video that got us hooked:

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