Talk Thursday to Me – Ryan Sollee

Today we talk ever so briefly with Ryan Sollee from the group The Builders and The Butchers about the evolution of the band, their new album and Cambodian funeral music.

Postcard Editor: There’s been some changes in the line-up since the last album correct? How have these changes effected the band’s sound, and is this reflected on the new album – or does that still have the old line-up?

Ryan Sollee: Since the second record we actually have 2 new members, Brandon Hafer (drums and strings) and Willy Kunkle (bass). I think when you change members in a band the sound inevitably changes a bit. I think we are a more solid live band now and I am really excited to write and record with this line up.

PE: How has the tour with Murder by Death been?

RS: This tour with Murder by Death has been our best all around support tour ever. Its been a nice barometer to see what the band has accomplished in the two years since we toured with them last. People are singing along at every show, our set is tighter, and people are buying the new record which is exciting.

PE: This is your second (or third?) tour with MBD – what are some common things about the two bands that makes the pairing such a natural choice?

RS: I think the most common theme that both bands share is that there is a dark theme that runs through most of the songs, its what MBD fans like about them and so we are a pretty good fit as a support band. Also I think both bands are rock bands at the core, but have a really interesting twist on it.

PE: What’s next after this tour?

RS: Our album Dead Reckoning comes out Feb 22, and we will be going on a full US headlining run, with the opener from this tour Damien Suomi and the Minor Prophets, starting April 1.

PE: What are three things, can be anything, that are currently rocking your world?

RS: The new Lovers album, re watching Freaks and Geeks over and over, Cambodian funeral music.

Dead Reckoning came out this past Tuesday and has been on repeat on the PE house system ever since.  You can order your copy here and you can check out the video for the first single “Lullaby” below.

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