Tuesday Tip-Off: Like, Mountains

Today’s tip-off is the lo-fi pop rock of Like, Mountains.

Led by Rachel Murphy, the comma flaunting Like, Mountains deliver a sweet and far too short EP in If We Break Up Right Now There Won’t Be Kids There Won’t Be Houses To Saw Up.

Like the songs themselves, Murphy’s voice strikes a balance between sugar coated sweetness and a melancholic core that give the songs the weight to make them endlessly re-playable no matter what your mood.  Backed by various members of The Woes, the album accents it’s straight forward pop rockers and waltzing ballads with just enough ear candy (a french horn here, strings there) to make this EP feel like a timeless classic.  In a lot of ways, IWBURNTWBKTWBHTSU (we’ve been waiting the entire review to do that) feels like a modern update on the Dusty Springfield classic Dusty in Memphis, and that is just fine with us.

Like, Mountains myspace page says a spring tour is in the works.  Until then, we highly recommend you check out the ep here.

Here’s a video of the group playing “MexicoLA” from the album.

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