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Our good friend Virgil Dickerson from Suburban Home Records returns with another pick for our irregularly recurring segment known so beautifully and simply as: Virgil’s Beer of the Week.

Today’s Beer of the Week: He’brew Vertical Jewbelation

Each and every year around December, Schmaltz Brewing makes a beer that I celebrate, and this past December surpassed my already high expectations of the beer that goes by the name Jewbelation.
While I don’t know a lot about the brewery that makes this fine beer, and I only know a little bit more about their anniversary beer, I first found out about the beer in late 2009. I found this bomber of their 13th anniversary ale, saw that it was 13 % alcohol, had 13 different hops, 13 different malts, and saw the low price tag for such a strong beer. I had to pick one up. When I got around to drinking it, I just fell in love. It pretty much embodies all of my favorite aspects of my favorite beers (Strong, big, dark, malty, and hoppy).
With each passing year, Schmaltz adds another malt, another hop, and another percentage of alcohol. This past december, I picked up a few bombers of their 14th Anniversary Ale and was again blown away.
This past year though, Schmaltz really out did themselves by also releasing a Vertical box set of the past 7 years (Starting with year 8, ending with year 14), a Vertical blend of all 7 years that was aged in Sazerac 6 Year Rye Whiskey Barrels, and candles to make your very own beer menorah. I picked up a box set and shared it with a bunch of buddies.
I found that with each year, the beer got tastier and tastier and the vertical blend was unbelievable. Shmaltz also bottled the Vertical Jewbelation as a bomber, a beer I am proud to make my beer of the week. I am just a sucker for a strong beer aged in whiskey barrels; it’s the beer’s equivalent to the marriage of a vinyl LP with a digital download coupon. Again, this bomber is reasonably priced especially for the 10.5% ABV 22 ounce bottle. I love this beer, love this series, and look forward to year 15. I can’t even imagine what will happen during the beer’s 25th Anniversary.
In other beer related news, I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to get a free pass to the Beerdrinker of the Year Dinner at the Wynkoop. The 3 finalists and last year’s winner picked the 4 courses and 5 beer courses that went along with the food. It was amazing, but I again learned an important drinking lesson: after lots of strong craft beers, do not switch to whiskey at the Lion’s Lair when watching Chad Price play. Let’s just say that whiskey can be my DeLorean as I find myself time traveling when it follows lots of strong, craft beers.
The next day, I not only got to experience the Beer drinker of the Year finals, but I also was able to experience Russian River’s Pliny the Younger tapping at the Falling Rock tap house. It was my first time having some and it was definitely a noteworthy beer. In my quest to visit every brewery in Colorado in 2011 (138 breweries), I recently hit Dry Dock in Aurora and Denver Chop House Brewery in Denver. Both were great.
Virgil’s BOTW Contest: Again, I offer you a contest to win any record I’ve released on Suburban Home. The glass that the beer was poured in is from one of my favorite breweries. Name the brewery and you can pick any in print record on Suburban Home (on LP, CD, or digitally).  Email your guess to postcardeditor (at)  One lucky winner will be drawn randomly from all correct submissions.
Thanks for reading, feel free to get in touch with me if you want to trade beers from each other’s regions, or if you just want to send me beer. I hope you are enjoying some delicious craft beer this weekend!

Virgil Dickerson

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  2. Not sure if they went west with it but they did tap takeovers up the east coast with 7-14 and the vertical on draft, It made for a long night.


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