Tuesday Tip-Off: Rip and the Morning Afters

Today’s tip-off is the comedy/rock/lounge/sleaze fest that is Rip Owczarski and the Morning Afters.

While not for everyone (i.e. anyone easily offended and/or without a healthy sense of humor and appreciation for the absurd) the latest e.p. from ROATMA delivers five songs of sexual innuendo so ridiculous and unrelenting that it’s almost as if they’ve bottled the rampant, unfocused and clueless sexual energy of a million teenage boys in song form. I mean that as a compliment  – an extremely high compliment.

Most of the album works these out in a pseudo-lounge style, but album highlight “600 Pounds” goes balls out (of course) with a heavy sleaze rock style that showcases Rip’s impressive vocal chops.  Another highlight is the ballad “(I Wanna Make Love To Your)…” which delivers some especially clever lyrical turns in it’s story of the ups and downs of a long term relationship.

The one song that diverges from the sexual is the long, Dead Milkmen-esque story song “Hey Mr. DJ (What’s Your Friend’s Fucking Problem)” which tells the tale of a night of band vs. DJ’s friend and a stolen microphone.  It’s the song that I found myself actually laughing out loud to the most, and clocking in at close to 10 minutes long, it definitely ebbs and flows, but has enough high points to make it another album standout- if you have the dedication to stick with it.

If you enjoy some ridiculousness with your rock ala Tenacious D, Richard Cheese, etc… than Ripping the Light Orgasmic (to the rib shack) could be your new jam.  Check it out here.

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