The Gloria Jones Challenge – Round 9

The Gloria Jones Challenge is our ongoing examination of the many, many, many covers of Jones’ classic Northern Soul jam “Tainted Love” – to see how they stack up compared to the original.

Today’s challenger takes the song into smokey lounge jazz territory.

But first, as always, the original.

And now today’s challenge from The Stella Starlight Trio.

Postcard ChaCha: The Stella Starlight Trio offers up a more delicate and quieter version of Tainted Love than we saw last week. I’ve gotta give them their “keepin’ it classy” props if nothing else. It’s simply, but nicely arranged and while this version didn’t blow my mind, I found it’s finger snappin’ piano clinkin’ jazzy vibe pretty damned enjoyable.

Postcard Editor: While a jazz version of this song could be amazing, this certainly is not that version. Boring and trite and lacking in any personality, this is the kind of “jazz” that people site as an example when they say they like jazz, but what they really mean is they like dinner parties where minorities are discussed but not seen. I’m amazed to find a version I hate more than Max Raabe’s, but I guess the world truly is a place of infinite wonder.


1. Dave Phillips
2. Stella Starlight Trio
3. Max Raabe
4. The Re-Entrants
5. My Brightest Diamond
6. Marilyn Manson
7. Shades Apart
8. Pussycat Dolls
9. Straight No Chaser


1. Shades Apart
2. Dave Phillips
3. My Brightest Diamond
4. Marilyn Manson
5. The Re-Entrants
6. Pussycat Dolls
7. Straight No Chaser
8. Max Raabe
9. Stella Starlight Trio

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