Virgil’s Beer of the Week

Our good friend Virgil Dickerson from Suburban Home Records returns with another pick for our weekly segment known so beautifully and simply as: Virgil’s Beer of the Week.

This week’s Beer of the Week is Dogfish Head‘s World Wide Stout.
This week, I bring you Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout. My first experience with this beer happened when a very generous friend through music sent me a box of beer from Dog Fish Head. The box clocked in at around 40 pounds and had so many varieties of a brewery that at the time I knew nothing about. I brought one of each beer home so that I could try them all and on the first night, I drank 2 beers. Mind you, I consider myself to have a higher than average tolerance so 2 beers on the couch watching tv isn’t normally a big deal. On this particular night though, I drank an Olde School Barley Wine and this World Wide Stout. Little did I know that these beers clocked in at 15 percent and 18 percent respectively. When I stood up to go get a glass of water after having these beers, I found myself surprisingly drunk. I have been in love ever since and Dogfish Head quickly became my favorite brewery.

World Wide Stout has been described as a Double Imperial Stout. It’s interesting though, for the 18% ABV, the beer is surprisingly drinkable. It’s sweet, not overly carbonated, really boozy, with a  ridiculous amount of barley. The first few drinks reminds me of the warmth you get from drinking a few pulls of whiskey on a cold night. It warms you up and gives you a bit of heat in your throat. I’ve never been too crazy about the name World Wide Stout and so I offer (if anyone is listening) the name None More Black since the beer pours blacker than black. The beer ages extremely well for those of you who do that. This is one of my top 10 beers on the planet. While the price tag ($9.99 for 12 ounces) makes it difficult to be ok with purchasing it all the time, it is definitely the kind of beer worth splurging on from time to time.

In my other beer news, I visited 5 breweries this past weekend. On Friday, I visited Wynkoop for their firkin Friday (a Blueberry Hibiscus ale), I went to Great Divide for a good bud’s surprise birthday party. Suburban Home artist, Michael Dean Damron, came through Denver this past weekend and I took advantage of the fact that he was visiting towns outside of Denver. On Saturday, I visited Hops brewery and restaurant, later that afternoon, I went to Bristol Brewery in Colorado Springs. On Sunday, I went to Mountain Sun Brewery in Boulder.

Contest: Like I’ve done before, I offer up a contest whereby you guess what brewery’s pint glass is in the photo next to World Wide Stout. Good Luck. Send your guesses to

Virgil Dickerson

Virgil Dickerson is the owner of Suburban Home Records.  Support his beer passion by supporting his fabulous label by checking out one of these recent and upcoming SH releases.

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