SXSWland Tales – Will Pepple

We didn’t go to SXSW this year, but a lot of people we know did.  We’ve thrown out the invitation for them to document their experiences here, in a little segment we’re calling SXSWland Tales.

This Austin recap comes from Will Pepple, tour manager, sound guy and all around party starter for bands such as Matt and Kim, Mr. Heavenly, Man Man, Diplo, Lucero and many others.  Will sent us a photo recap.  Check it out below.

Cris got a flamingo, Sailor's Grave Tattoo

Diplo's new tattoo, Sailor's Grave Tattoo


Joe, 3rd and Congress

Mike, 3rd and Congress

Nick, 3rd and Congress

Honus and Joe, 3rd and Congress

Mr. Heavenly, 3rd and Congress

People following Mike, 3rd and Congress

Heather, 3rd & La Vaca

Joe, HP Trailer Park

Honus, HP Trailer Park

Alex Eyeball, Emo's

Bad Brains, Emo's

POS, Flamingo Cantina

Dylan, Nuevo Leon

Fader Fort

Matt & Kim, Fader Fort

Matt & Kim, Fader Fort

Matt & Kim, Fader Fort

BBQ dinner at AUS

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