Talk Thursday to Me – Yuki Chikudate

Today we talk with Yuki Chikudate from shoegaze / noisepop maestros Asobi Seksu.

Postcard Editor: Hi Yuki. So, we’ve been doing a series of SXSW recaps on the blog, how was your experience with it this year?  Any highlights?

Yuki Chikudate: It was fun, chaotic, hot. Playing the Parish was awesome. Best venue!!

PE: Any new band discoveries this year at the fest that you particularly enjoyed?

YC: I didn’t discover them in Austin- but we did a week of shows with them leading up to sxsw- BRAIDS.

PE: How has this tour as a whole been?  It seems to me that you’re getting more exposure with this release than you have previously, more blogs and writers finally getting turned onto the band, have you seen that in the reactions on tour?

YC: I’m not sure… We’re definitely having more fun than ever. Playing the new album has been great! The crowds have been very responsive–and that always makes for a fun show.

PE: The new album seems to have an air of confidence to it, that in addition to rocking and having the great hooks you always have had, there just seems to be a sort of step beyond being comfortable in your own skin, but really owning it.  Was that something that was apparent to you during the writing of the album, or is that something that came out during the creation of it?

YC: Thank you! Yeah- something did happen with this album. Didn’t expect it but we felt a shift for sure. There was a lot of personal pain, loss, and growth that was going on leading up to the making of the album so maybe that contributed to it. Really starting to feel that our reputation or what people think of our music is not important. Just want to make the music that makes us excited and happy.

PE: Well, with that kind of impetus to it, I have to ask – what are some of your favorite tracks off the album, and why?

YC: Love playing TRAILS. It’s a fun song to sing. And I love Leave the Drummer Out There. Those two are pretty close to my heart.

PE: Cool. You’re playing the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC tonight – what’s your most rock & roll hotel story?  Ever thrown the television into the pool?

YC: Uh, no. We are pretty anti-r&r in that sense. I mummified our keyboard player with toilet paper (he played 2 tours) from head to toe in a hotel in Atlanta and then locked him out in the hallway.

PE: Hijinx! You have a show coming up in Mexico City, which is a little off the normal tour routing.  How did that come about, and what are your expectations for that show?

YC: We just got an offer to do it. I am super psyched!!! Mexico music fans are supposedly really fun to play for.

PE: I know we have to wrap this up, thanks for squeezing this little interview into your busy schedule. We always wrap things up this way – what are three things that are rocking your world right now?

YC: My new rayban sunglasses. My friend Brad Cantor who lives in DC. Earl Grey tea backstage at the R&R Hotel.


Yuki Chikudate is the singer and keyboardist for Asobi Seksu.  Their latest is the masterful Fluorescence, available from Polyvinyl Records here, or at one of their upcoming shows.

04/01/11 Medford, MA Crane Room
04/07/11 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
04/09/11 Berlin, Germany Astra
04/10/11 Vienna, Austria Arena
04/12/11 Munich, Germany Muffathalle
04/13/11 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Rockhal
04/15/11 London, United Kingdom Electric Ballroom
04/16/11 Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester Academy 2
04/17/11 Glasgow, United Kingdom Garage
04/18/11 Birmingham, United Kingdom 02 Academy Birmingham
04/19/11 London, United Kingdom XOYO
04/21/11 Brighton, United Kingdom Audio
05/13/11 Mexico City, Mexico Caradura

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