Virgil’s Beer of the Week

Our good friend Virgil Dickerson from Suburban Home Records returns with another pick for our weekly segment known so beautifully and simply as: Virgil’s Beer of the Week.

(editor’s note – sorry this has gone up so late in the day, we’re doing some internal rearranging here at PE and it’s causing some delays. also, we will have last week’s winner announced this weekend.  our apologies on both. now – let’s let Virgil talk beer)

This week’s beer is Lefthand’s TNT.

This week, I bring you Lefthand’s TNT, a Weizen Dopplebock with Lapsang Souchong Tea. Left Hand is a long running craft brewery based in Longmont, Colorado (about an hour north of Denver). Left Hand hasn’t historically been the most adventurous brewery so when I saw a bomber containing a doppelbock brewed with chinese tea, I figured it would be worth checking out. I’m not a big tea drinker and have only had a few beers brewed with tea (Dogfish’s Sah’tee is a personal favorite). I’ve never had the Chinese Lapsang Souchong Tea before, but I read that the tea is known for its smoky flavor. While I enjoyed the beer, I had higher expectations and thought the beer would have more pronounced flavors. I’m not sure what I was expecting the tea to do to the taste of the beer, but it didn’t do anything drastic and for the most part, the beer tastes much like any of the other dopplebock’s I’ve had. While I’m glad I got to try this beer, I probably won’t go running back to my beer store to get another bomber.

If you want to send me beer for a future review, my address is 2000 Wadsworth Blvd #138, Lakewood, CO 80214.

In other beer news, tonight, I will be visiting Great Divide Brewery as they are releasing 3 new beers (Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, Collette, and their 17th Anniversary Al, an oak aged double IPa). My quest to hit every brewery in Colorado this year is inching along. Recent visits include Mountain Sun and BJ’s in Boulder.

Contest: Like I’ve done before, I offer up a contest whereby you guess what pint glass is in the photo next to the TNT Weizen Dopplebock. Correctly guess the name of the brewery on the glass next to TNT and you can win a record of your choice from Suburban Home Records. Good Luck. Send your answers to One lucky winner will be drawn at random from the correct guesses.

Virgil Dickerson

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