The Gloria Jones Challenge – Round 13

The Gloria Jones Challenge is our ongoing examination of the many, many, many covers of Jones’ classic Northern Soul jam “Tainted Love” – to see how they stack up compared to the original.

Today’s challengers give the song the eastern bloc treatment.

But first, as always, the original.

And now the challengers, an unknown band from the internet.

Postcard Editor: What does it say when one of my favorite versions of this song is one from a commercial, by a probably made-up band for said commercial?  Does it point out how unimaginative most of the covers have been?  Possibly.  My hope is that this is an actual band that exists in the world and that one of our faithful readers will track them down and send us many more links of their work.

Postcard ChaCha: This one just might win the prize for the most surreal contender. And for best use of an accordion. And quite possibly a kazoo. These dudes keep it short, bizarre and kind of sweet. I think it just goes to show, almost any song can get a polka makeover.


1. Shades Apart
2. Dave Phillips
3. East German Polka Band
4. My Brightest Diamond
5. Marilyn Manson
6. The Re-Entrants
7. Coil
8. Alejandra Guzman
9. Pussycat Dolls
10. Straight No Chaser
11. Impedance
12. Max Raabe
13. Stella Starlight Trio


1. Dave Phillips
2. Stella Starlight Trio
3. Max Raabe
4. The Re-Entrants
5. My Brightest Diamond
6. Marilyn Manson
7. East German Polka Band
8. Alejandra Guzman
9. Shades Apart
10. Pussycat Dolls
11. Straight No Chaser
12. Coil
13. Impedance


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