The Gloria Jones Challenge – Round 16

The Gloria Jones Challenge is our ongoing examination of the many, many, many covers of Jones’ classic Northern Soul jam “Tainted Love” – to see how they stack up compared to the original.

Today’s challenger gives the song the foreign psychobilly treatment.

But first, the original.

And now, the challengers – The Swampy’s

Postcard ChaCha: This bass slappin’, adorably accented version is similar to the Dave Phillips version, only it turns the Rockabilly up a few notches to Psychobilly. In a way, it’s hard to argue with this treatment, because the song does lend itself so well to an amped up tempo and jerky vocals. On the other hand, because it’s so easy to give it this particular sound that it doesn’t feel like anything special. A nice twist with a Belgium flavor, but nothing to write home about.

Postcard Editor: While the accented vocals are definitely adorable, I prefer my Psychobilly to be revved up to 11, to actually have a clear distinction between it and regular good old rockabilly. The Swampy’s give it a little more gas, but it still just sounds like a slightly more upbeat version of the Dave Phillips version. Unfortunately by splitting the difference, it loses the charm of the Phillips version and doesn’t replace it with the craziness or swagger that is hinted at but never achieved.


1. Dave Phillips
2. Stella Starlight Trio
3. Max Raabe
4. The Re-Entrants
5. My Brightest Diamond
6. Ruth Swan(n)
7. Marilyn Manson
8. East German Polka Band
9. The Swampy’s
10. Inspiral Carpets
11. Alejandra Guzman
12. Shades Apart
13. Pussycat Dolls
14. Straight No Chaser
15. Coil
16. Impedance


1. Shades Apart
2. Dave Phillips
3. East German Polka Band
4. Inspiral Carpets
5. My Brightest Diamond
6. Marilyn Manson
7. The Re-Entrants
8. Ruth Swan(n)
9. Coil
10. The Swampy’s
11. Alejandra Guzman
12. Pussycat Dolls
13. Straight No Chaser
14. Impedance
15. Max Raabe
16. Stella Starlight Trio

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