Tuesday Tip-Off: Broncho

Today’s tip-off is the lo-fi garage pop of Okalahoma’s Broncho.

Broncho popped onto our radar via a simple facebook post from Johnathon Ford of Unwed Sailor, mentioning that in addition to leading Unwed he was also now playing in the group Broncho. Intrigued we checked it out, and suddenly found a new favorite. Whereas Ford’s long running project is known for being one of the most important instrumental groups of the past decade, mixing ambitious long form compositional movements with math rock smarts and pop sensibilities, Broncho is something else entirely. Short blasts of pure garage pop that filters Big Star, The Ramones, The Stooges and the Replacements into a tight collection of hooks and attitude that have kept these songs in constant rotation around the PE offices.

Check out the video for one of the album’s strongest tracks – “Try Me Out Sometime.”

And check out their album Can’t Get Past The Lips in it’s entirety here.

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