Tuesday Tip-Off: Mock Orange

Today’s tip-off is Disguised as ghosts, the latest from venerable Indiana rockers Mock Orange.

A band I’ve known since they were all in high school, it’s been a long and interesting career for Mock Orange, and one that continues on with their latest, Disguised as ghosts – out today on Wednesday Records.  Dag continues to evolve the sound that they’ve been cultivating since the at-the-time-surprising switch from Sunny Day Real Estate-esque math rock influenced emo to a more relaxed, but no less impressive, jangly indie rock that is closer to Built to Spill or Modest Mouse’s catalog. But these comparisons don’t do the band justice, on either side of the sound change up.  MO has always been a unique voice in the indie rock scene, and their latest continues to establish that if anything, they are their own brand to which other groups should be compared to.  The new album adds some nice new elements like banjo on “Silent Motion” and drum loops and synth on “My Car” – but doesn’t sacrifice the confident yet relaxed sound that the band has come to be known for.  Smart indie rock with strong pop hooks that always sounds refreshing, Mock Orange add another winner to the collection with Dag.

Check out the first single “End Of The World” below, and grab the album here.

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