We Never Asked For This – Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt

We Never Asked For This is our short review of a band who thought (or their label/manager/agent/girlfriend thought) that it would be a good idea to send us an email saying “like me! like me! like me!” (more or less).

Today’s directly solicited for review is of the unfortunately named Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt.

As those of you who have been following the blog for a while know, we try to only write about things we like.  There’s enough snarky blogs in the world and frankly who needs that kind of negativity anymore? So when seeing the name Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt, I almost didn’t click on the link – assured that I would hate it. Oh what a lovely reminder to not judge a book by it’s title or a band by it’s name.  Three lovely lo-fi pop songs in the vein of The Kinks demos and Guided By Voices, we are now giddily awaiting the official release dropping this June on Gulcher Records.  With songs like these, we can surely come to love the name.  Check out what got us excited here.

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