Tuesday Tip-Off: Caitlin Rose

Today loyal sidekick Postcard ChaCha tips us off to the debut album from Caitlin Rose.

It was actually another review of this record that led me to it just earlier this week. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to critics unless it’s someone I really hold in high regard, but there was something about this particular review that left me with an urgent need to hear it NOW. So it was with great urgency I searched for a stream of ‘My Own Side.’

Growing up in Nashville, as most of the folks that produced and played on this record did, it was sad to see mainstream country turn into a literal pop massacre…taking everything great about good country music, over-producing it, making it appeal to the masses and removing the hints of the truly beautiful genre that it was. I’m sure there are MANY arguments to be had on this subject and no one can deny that some great songs were written in the last 20 years of country music, but it’s the execution that kills it for me. Which is what makes ‘My Own Side’ such a refreshing country masterpiece. It should be noted that Rose does toe the pop lines, but she’s smart enough to know when to tone it down and when to take it straight country. In my wildest dreams, this is exactly what modern country would have sounded like had the industry and sound not shifted so dramatically. Caitlin Rose recalls a lost time while maintaining a fresh perspective on this mostly vapid genre.

File under- Great Breakup Album But Too Damned Good To Shelve Just For That


3 Comments to “Tuesday Tip-Off: Caitlin Rose”

  1. Beautiful album. Thanks Chacha!

  2. Agree! I’ve had her EP for a while, saw her live with Justin Townes Earle, but didn’t get my hands on the full-length until just yesterday and it kicks loads of tuchus. Spare Me, Things Change, and That’s Alright — what a trio of songs, what a B-side! She’s a badass.

  3. cool! she is great!

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