Tuesday Tip-Off: Wedge

Today’s tip-off is the new album from Athens, GA based indie-rock band/person Wedge.

Almost Silent is the latest from Tommy Wedge, who records and plays under the moniker of his last name. It’s an almost perfect slice of ambitiously melodic indie rock that straddles the sonic pop textures of John Vanderslice with the falsetto driven rock of Band of Horses. Band of Horses is the easiest comparison due to the similarity in Wedge’s voice and BOH’s Ben Bridwell, but whereas Bridwell sometimes pushes and strains the notes, Wedge’s vocals come off as much more effortless. Another distinguishing point of Almost Silent is the depth of the arrangements, with melody upon counter melody upon melody and nice little flourishes of electronica burbling underneath and occasionally poking through. Interesting and epic enough for fans of Radiohead but pop-smart and hook friendly enough for fans of BOH, Vanderslice and the like, we recommend everyone check it out, which you can do right here.

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