We Never Asked For This: John Gold

We Never Asked For This is our short review of a band who thought (or their label/manager/agent/girlfriend thought) that it would be a good idea to send us an email saying “like me! like me! like me!” (more or less).

Today’s blind submission is A Flower In Your Head from John Gold.

Postcard ChaCha: Maybe it’s just me, or maybe this whole 2012/higher consciousness thing is starting to pollute my thoughts. Either way, starting with the beautifully existential release of Fleet Foxes ‘Helplessness Blues,’ I feel/hope we’re on the cusp of a change in music. Perhaps some “create your own reality” themed tunes are just what’s in order for us all as we navigate the outside world, which day by day, is becoming more ridiculous…Just like Gold says, “Don’t Freak Out!” Baby, it’s your life. Lush and artfully crafted, John Gold feels soft and warm. Wrap up in it and create your own damned reality.

Postcard Editor: Well crafted and effortless, my brain keeps relating this album to the work of John Vanderslice or Jason Falkner. Not because it sounds particularly like either one of those artists, but rather because it occupies that same space of smart, songwriter driven indie-pop. There’s a really nice feel of subtle dynamics to this release. It takes a few steps in different sonic directions, but never strays far from the simple and tightly crafted songs. Like Falkner and Vanderslice, Gold is hard to summarize or pigeonhole as he avoids working in easily defined and heavily stylized genres. It’s the kind of album you find yourself describing as “It’s just really good, and you should listen to it – you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Check out the full album stream here, and order your own copy here.

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