Tuesday Tip-Off: Blues, Boogies, and a Ballad

Today’s tip-off is the latest from friend of the PE, Davy Jay Sparrow and His Well-Known Famous Drovers.

It really is a quiet, simple joy to watch an artist become a complete bad ass at their chosen craft, and the latest from Davy Jay Sparrow is a perfect example. A retooling of his backing band, the Well-Known Famous Drovers, has resulted in a group who can match Sparrow’s spark and insurgent sense of fun. Sure the boogies are jumping on Blues, Boogies, and a Ballad but even the blues and the ballad have a more confident swagger than Sparrow’s previous recorded work. Surely a factor in this change is also due to the fact that this album was recorded live at The Switchyard, and apparently in un-air conditioned 100 degree conditions, but a larger part of the change is Sparrow himself. With each release he sounds more and more confident, as songwriter, bandleader and singer. By mixing in a little more blues and boogie-woogie into his classic country sound, Sparrow continues to distinguish himself as not just one of the best live honky-tonk acts around, but also a distinctive voice and serious contributor to the canon of the traditional American songbook. But don’t take our word for it – grab the new album here, or check them out live at one of the upcoming shows below, or take even more of our word for it and check out all of our DJS&HWKFD related articles here.

Thu Aug 11 2011
White Rabbit Cabaret with Art Adams
Indianapolis, IN

Fri Aug 12 2011 9pm as “The White Bread Boys” (Davy & Chance’s Olde Tyme Duo)
The Drinkery with The Tillers
Cincinnati, OH

Sat Aug 13 2011 9pm
Third Street Dive with Art Adams
Louisville, KY

Sat Aug 27 2011
Whispering Beard Folk Festival
Friendship, IN

Sat Sept 3 2011 – as “The White Bread Boys” (Davy & Chance’s Olde Tyme Duo)
Metamora Old Time Music Festival
Metamora, IN

Sun Sept 4, 2011
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Cookeville, TN

Sat Sept 17, 2011
The Brass Rail
Fort Wayne, IN

Mon Sept 26 2011 9pm
The Bishop “The White Bread Boys” (Davy & Chance’s Olde Tyme Duo)
with The Two-Man Gentlemen Band
Bloomington, IN

Sat Oct 1 20119pm
The Bishop with Leon Chance and Tilford Sellers
Bloomington, IN

Fri Nov 11 2011 9pm
The Bishop Olde Fashioned Dance Party with Double Digits
Bloomington, IN

Fri Nov 18 2011 7pm
Boone County Public Library – Live @ The Library Series
Burlington, KY

Sat Nov 19 2011 8pm
Southgate House
Newport, KY

Sat Dec 31 2011 10pm
Third Street Dive with Art Adams
Louisville, KY

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