Tuesday Tip-Off: Mr. Hipster

Today’s tip-off is the garage rock of the unfortunately named Mr. Hipster.

As we learned with Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt, sometimes there’s some really great music hiding behind a band name that might otherwise turn us off.  Mr. Hipster is no exception to this new rule.  Straight forward punk influenced garage rock that frequently reminds me of The Coke Dares, which is always a good thing.  Just Tryin To Not Be Held Liable is a fun romp of a record that will have you singing along to phrases you never expected to like “I can show you where Abe Lincoln farted” and not feeling at all weird about it, which is a testament to the strong melodies and hooks that run throughout the entire album.  It’s a winner and you should check it out, which you can do here.

(ChaCha weighing in on today’s tip-off.)

I’ve lived in Vincennes and would have to completely agree with the term and song “Vincennes, Shitcennes.” It’s a bizarre and frighteningly boring town where driving around is about the best entertainment one can muster. Although respect to their Chamber of Commerce must be given,  they’ve managed to change a lot about the town in the last 10 years. And I did meet some of my best friends there, where we were joined together over the lack of anything cultural.  Here’s an example of life in Vincennes.

But back to the music.

I imagine collectively, Mr. Hipster must have a hell of a sense of humor and we LOVE that at Elba. Although I was quite surprised to see a Billy Joe Shaver song that was in the Monument Records catalog on their album. “Black Rose” actually kind of works for Mr. Hipster. There’s rebel cowboys and there’s punk rock. Aren’t they kind of the same at the core?

The band calls themselves “Country Punk Rock.” So good job boys, you’re combining two genres that secretly shake hands in the back parking lot over a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cheap cigarettes.

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